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Known for being mastered by Poland, Russia and Scandinavia, vodka is now crafted worldwide, with countries across the globe making their own mark on the popular beverage. Served over ice, mixed into signature cocktails or blended with lime and tonic, the multiple uses for this classic spirit are endless! We’re proud to be home to one of Australia’s largest vodka collections, and we invite you to come on a vodka voyage with us! 

Top vodka brands 


Because of vodka’s versatility and suitability to various cocktails and mixers, it’s no surprise that there is now an abundance of versions and flavours on the market. From local, national and international brands to craft creations and premium releases, our selection showcases the best of what the vodka world has to offer. Grey Goose Original, Belvedere Pink Grapefruit, Stoli Vanilla, Absolut Peach and 23rd Street Rose Vodka, are among the many unique versions of this popular spirit. From the creatures of habit to the cocktail hosts that want to get crafty, we’ve got the very vodka for you! 

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Ready to discover vodka at Hairydog? We’ve got you! Whether you need classic vodka for espresso martinis or are keen to try a new flavour to pair with ice and lime, our huge selection of vodka will certainly lift the spirits! Order vodka online and we’ll bring the best vodka brands and flavours straight to your doorstep in no time!