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About Us | The Hairydog Story

Here for a story, huh? Well, can’t disappoint a customer.

When the world went into lockdown, hospitality was struggling. The future was uncertain. Hairydog knew venues were in trouble and wanted to help.

It started with a buyback program with Paramount Liquor - buying unsellable stock from their customers via credits and refunds to put cash flow back into the hands of businesses hit hard. It became a network of suppliers and venues supporting each other, and looking to pivot.

We looked at the online alcohol market, saw people drinking at home instead of pubs and bars, and we thought, “There’s something missing here.” Sure, people missed the booze of a night out - but what they really missed was the experience. Asking the bartender for their recommendation, trying new things, enjoying professionally made cocktails, or the house special of their favourite venue.

So Hairydog became more than booze. We’re chummy with the best in the industry - sommeliers and mixologists and craft beer nerds, specialists in every spirit, and even masters of the perfect mocktail. We’re looking to a future where we can connect these pros with an audience, and be the only online liquor platform that brings the bartender to YOUR kitchen bench. 

We’re fresh-faced and full of big ideas. Always evolving with a different spin, always exploring, always discovering, always learning, and always on the hunt for cool new things to try.

And we guess that’s why you’re here, too. So have a look around and welcome to the den! 


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